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Why is nudity so taboo?

One day, I came across this video of Madonna and I was a little surprised.

Obviously my personal art work is very sexual, I say. Sensuality is key to my work. That's just how I express myself. I have never felt ashamed about it, but some people say "Your work is so sexual.", "It's like a porn." then, I get lost for words. Those moments are just awkward for me. I feel like they are telling me that I'm doing something wrong, bad or even like illegal. (Although many people watch porn) Why is that so? Some of my work got banned or taken down on internet. I understand some people would feel uncomfortable about nudity and eroticism but it could be an artistic joy to some people, too. Don't you see the beauty in women's body? I just simply think women are beautiful creatures. (Men too) And I think sex is a beautiful thing. I honestly even feel sorry for people who don't realize that. But If I tried to make something involves sexual stuff, people would not like that and think I'm insane or something. (Especially in my country...) I have been stressed out because there is like no way to get exposure my art.

What I was surprised about this video is that Madonna has already clarified my mind 30 years She has said exactly what I think already a long time ago. I can empathize with her every word in this video. She gives me hope and motivates me. It must have been tough for a woman to speak about it in1990, I guess. Madonna...You really are a true artist!

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