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“Miss. Filmmaker” Yukari Lacsamana is a filmmaker in fashion film industry based in Tokyo.  

Yukari was born in The Philippines to a Japanese father and a Filipino mother, they moved to Japan about a year later when she was a toddler.

She was into any kinds of art and won so many awards for drawing, painting, Japanese calligraphing in her childhood. Also, she was always that kind of kid who plays with her father’s cameras. Since her father owned a film still camera and an 8mm VHS camcoder, she always enjoyed finding her own vision and creating her own world through the lens. She brought her camera everywhere she goes and filmed anything but was more into portraits.


She started to get serious about photography and videography when she was in her late teen.

She first entered a small video production company in her hometown,Yamanashi. That was the very first time for her to use professional equipments. After a few years, she moved to Italy to work for a videography/photography production for few months. She found out that Italian perspective is very different to Japanese and she just loved it. After her experience in Italy, she decided to move to New York City and met her mentor there. She worked for his production company for about 2 years and got trained to be a director. This experience lead to her current career as a filmmaker.


After she moved back to Japan, she started her career in Tokyo. She has been making fashion films for VOGUE JAPAN, NYLON JAPAN and more fashion magazines and apparel/cosmetic brands as well. She believes fashion should be not just in photography, because videography is more to tell stories. Her sense of femininity feels very self-contained, and so can draw you in.





帰国後、フリーランスとして独立。二年後にBlackout Pictures LLCを設立し、映像をはじめ、写真、音楽制作、絵画など多岐にわたって独自のスタイルを追求している。

Yukari got featured on Italian art magazine "glamouraffair vision" as a female filmmaker and photographer. All the photos were shot by Yukari.

​イタリアのアート雑誌 "glamouraffair vision"に映像作家として特集されました。


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