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Biography of Yukari L. Takatori
Film director

In the bustling city of Tokyo, the enchanting storyteller known as "Miss Filmmaker," Yukari L. Takatori, reigns supreme in the fashion film industry.


Yukari's journey began in the tropical embrace of The Philippines, born to a Japanese father and a Filipino mother. Their family's tale took a turn towards the Land of the Rising Sun when she was just a toddler. Even in her earliest years, Yukari exhibited a penchant for the arts, accumulating accolades for her prowess in drawing, painting, and Japanese calligraphy. The magic, however, unfolded through her father's cameras. Possessing a film still camera and an 8mm VHS camcorder, she embarked on a whimsical exploration of her own vision, creating worlds through the lens. Always with her camera in tow, she captured everything, but her heart leaned towards the art of portraits.


As adolescence unfolded, Yukari's passion for photography and videography deepened. She stepped into the professional world at a small video production company in her hometown of Yamanashi. A pivotal moment in her life arrived when she embarked on an odyssey to Italy, working in videography and photography production there. The Italian perspective infused her creativity with newfound inspiration, setting the stage for her next chapter in the vibrant city of New York. It was there that she encountered her mentor, delving into a two-year odyssey that transformed her into the director she aspired to be.


Returning to the neon-lit streets of Tokyo, Yukari ignited her career, crafting fashion films for prestigious publications such as Vogue, Elle, and Nylon etc., along with renowned apparel and cosmetic brands. For her, fashion films transcend mere imagery, as videography becomes the tapestry to weave tales. Yukari's sense of femininity is a magnetic force, drawing you into a world where every frame tells a story, and every story resonates with the echoes of her remarkable journey.





帰国後、フリーランスとして独立。二年後にBlackout Pictures LLCを設立し、映像をはじめ、写真、音楽制作、絵画など多岐にわたって独自のスタイルを追求している。

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