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I met The Milkmaid

It's a little too late, but I feel like describing my impressions about The Vermeer exhibition which was held in Ueno museum on January. To be honest, I didn't know about Vermeer that much. But his work is just too famous, such as The Milkmaid, Girl with a Pearl Earring, etc. I just wanted to figure out why those draw many people.

So I went inside, there were a bunch of paint works by other artists before the Vermeer area, but I kinda went straight through to the last room, yes, The Vermeer room. The atmosphere was amazing.

It was dark yet cozy as if it was a church. There were 6 pieces of his work on the wall. Everyone has seen them somewhere, so have I. The yellow clothes, yes, they really were that yellow. Soft and delicate yellow but still shiny and glow. How could he make that yellow? They were breathtakingly beautiful.

I walked over to the last piece, my main purpose -The Milkmaid. One word. "Exquisite". Ok, I was shocked. First, it was as small as my bathroom mirror. Second, the contrast was perfect. It was well colored (of course) then copies. It was lighting up the whole room, not just because of the actual lights of the room. The paint was glowing by itself. I was staring at it maybe about for 10 minutes. I am not sure how long I was there because I was drawn in by that. I was imagining stories of this picture. Who is she? Where was that? What time was that? Who was she pouring the milk for? etc.

I could hear the sound of pouring the milk. It looked actually flowing. If it was a copy, I could not have had this feelings. What did he do to this picture? It was like a magic. Now I figured out why people goes to museums even if they could see online nowadays.

After the museum, I was just very satisfied. My heart felt warm in the cold winter. Thank you, Mr. Vermeer.

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